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Vazha Kiknadze

On May 10-16, 2009, Director of Iv.Javakishvili Institute of History and Ethnology, Prof. Vazha Kiknadze, visited A.Mickievich University, Institute for East European Studies, Poznan, Poland.

Professor Vazha Kiknadze delivered the two public lectures: “Ivane Susanin and Priest Tevdore: Myth and Reality” and “Kirion II on Lithuania and Poland.” He took part in the international conference, hosted by the University of Poznan, dedicated to the South Caucasian conflicts. The paper – The Russian Synod’s Ecclesiastical Policy towards South Caucasus at the End of the 19th Century and at the Beginning of the 20th Century, was presented at the conference by Prof. Vazha Kiknadze.

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