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Materials of Christianity & Christian church in Abkhazia


A priest Gabriel Gegenava, the ambassador of the ruler of Megrelia (West Georgia) Levan II Dadiani was in Moscow in 1638-1639. He was received by Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich (1613-1645) on December 12, 1638. The ambassador passed on the deed from Levan II Dadiani to the Russian Tsar where he was requesting to accept his princedom under the protection of Russia. In this document Levan names himself as a ruler of three Iberian (Georgian) countries-Imereti, Guria and Megrelia including Abkhazia.

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Timeline of Russian Aggression in Georgia

 Document by the Government of Georgia

25 August 2008


The Government of Georgia invites the international community and journalists to verify the information laid out in the timeline below.

Purpose of this document

In seeking to justify its invasion of Georgia, Russia has claimed that its forces entered Georgian territory only after a purported “surprise Georgian assault” on Tskhinvali; however, Moscow continues to refuse to make public the time at which Russia launched its invasion into Georgia.

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“Problems of the Modern and Contemporary History ” N 1 (5) 2009

The new scientific edition of the Department of Modern History

“Problems of the Modern and Contemporary History ” N 1 (5) 2009 was



History of Georgia

Niko Javakishvili – From the History of Georgian-Latvian Relations

Nunu Mikheladze – The Problem of Education in the Newspaper “Isari”

Alekhsandre Mosiashvili – On the Biographies of the Authors of Publications in the Newspaper “Khma Kakhetisa”

Alekhandre Mosiashvili – Newspaper “Khma Kakhetisa” on the Famous Representatives of Tergdaleulebi

Shota Vadachkoria – The Peace Treaty of Trapesund and the Georgian Political Thought in 1918

Otar Gogolishvili – New Archival Documents on the Issue of Water Supply of Batumi and the Monastery Building in the I Quarter of the 20th Century

Dali Zeragia – Shalva Nutsubidze on National Question

Maka Shavgulidze – History of the State Historical-Ethnographic Museum of Telavi and the Perspectives of Its Development

Historical Portraits

Dodo Chumburidze – “Invisible, but the Great” Alekhsandre Garsevanishvili (1864-1936)

Tsatsa Chkartishvili – On Some Aspects of the Biography of Joseph Chijavadze

Igor Kveselava – Stalinism – Personal and Political Characters of Stalin

From the History of the Georgian Emigration

Niko Javakhishvili – Bones of the Georgian Legion (1916-1917)

Mzia Tkhavashvili – Georgian Diaspora and the Revolutional Processes of 1917 in the Russian Empire (Press Materials)

Lela Saralidze – From the History of Activities of the Emigrational Government of Georgia (1921-1922)

Rusudan Daushvili – Caucasian Politics of the Georgian Emigration (1920-30s)


Jemal Gakhokidze – Political Factors of the Russian-Georgian War

Vazha Shubitidze, Rezo Rukhadze – Political Orientation of Georgia

Tengiz Grigolia, Maia Amirgulashvili – Globalization and the Perspectives of the Future Development of Georgia

Edisher Gvenetadze – From the Balkan Crisis to the Independence of Kosovo

Suliko Grigalashvili – Arctic – The New Geopolitical Space

Religion. Church History

Avtandil Songulashvili – The Mode of Life of the Georgian Jewry

Ketevan Pavliashvili – The Process of Denationalization of the Georgian Orthodoxy and the Affects of the Russian Byzantinizm in the Georgian Apostle Church (XIX- beginning of the XX Centuries)

Eldar Bubulashvili – The Eparchy of Imereti during Exarchy

Irina Arabidze – Missioner Ignatiev on the Autocephaly of the Georgian Church

Sopio Andguladze – The 4th Assembly of the Apostle Orthodox Church of Georgia (June 21-27, 1927) and Bishop Stephan Bodbel (Vasil Karbelashvili)

Source Study

Mzia Mgaloblishvili, Lela Mikhiashvili – Jak Francua Gamba on the Laks and Ingilos of Char-Belakhani

Gia Gelashvili – The Notes of Haqsthauzen on Ossetians

Gocha Saitidze – New Materials from the History of Life and Deeds of Archbishop Grigol Peradze

Historical Demography

Davit Javakishvili – Descendants of the Princes of Kartl-Kakheti (XVIII-XXI)

Critics and Bibliography

Gela Saitidze – An Important Book – Joni Kvitsiani, Salome Bakhia- Oqruashvili – Lessons of History (An Analyses of the Book by Zaur Margievi “Batumi during the Times of Ottoman History”, Batumi, 2008)


Tamar Antadze, Merab Kalandadze – Nodar Kikvadze – Personality with Encyclopedical Knowledge

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